Wild Things Has Moved To Science News


I am pleased to announce that this blog has moved to Science News magazine’s brand new website, which just launched today (it’s still trickling through the internet, so don’t be surprised if you see a security notification or get another little hiccup). I’ll still be writing about all the weird and wonderful stuff I come across, just in a different place. Come check out Wild Things and the site’s other blogs — including Gory Details by Erika Engelhaupt and Growth Curve by Laura Sanders — as well as Science News’ other fabulous science content.

Image courtesy of flickr user Benh LIEU SONG

National Zoo Brings On The Babies

There are many reasons to love the Smithsonian National Zoo, but the constant influx of cute babies is definitely one of them. This week the zoo’s female Sumatran tiger Damai gave birth to two cubs, and it’s a good thing it’s August in DC as I’m sure productivity has taken a dive from people watching the tiger cub cam. In honor of the new cubs, I decided to distract everyone a bit further and put together a slideshow of the zoo’s cuteness.

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All images are from the Smithsonian National Zoo flickr page