Wild Things Has Moved To Science News


I am pleased to announce that this blog has moved to Science News magazine’s brand new website, which just launched today (it’s still trickling through the internet, so don’t be surprised if you see a security notification or get another little hiccup). I’ll still be writing about all the weird and wonderful stuff I come across, just in a different place. Come check out Wild Things and the site’s other blogs — including Gory Details by Erika Engelhaupt and Growth Curve by Laura Sanders — as well as Science News’ other fabulous science content.

Image courtesy of flickr user Benh LIEU SONG

2 thoughts on “Wild Things Has Moved To Science News

  1. Hi Sarah, I’m a Mexican economist with strong backgroun in economic theory and macroeconomics, but recently (since 2012) got sucked into the debates on wildlife trade and crime. From a strictly ethical point of view, I profoundly dislike so-called sport hunting (looking at a wild beast through a telecopic lens hardly qualifies for the category of sports). I liked your article on trophy hunting and would like to stay in touch. With a colleague I’m writing a report on rhino horn trade – should be ready by end of January. And also developing a bigger project on the global ivory trade. We will be making a strong critique of a lot of the work we have seen on trade in threatened species. I just became one of youyr new followers in tweeter (I just started to tweet a couple of months ago). Best, Alejandro Nadal

    • Hi Alejandro, Please send me your report when you’re getting ready to publish (you can find my email address here). I’d be interested in reading it, maybe blogging about it. The illegal wildlife trade disturbs even more than trophy hunting. I’ve also followed you back on Twitter.

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